Recent Prayer Requests



Jesus is God standing in front of a mirror.

John 10:30 I and my Father are one.

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C. H. Spurgeon, a British preacher, hoped to collect 300 pounds to support his work with homeless children in London.  He was able to meet his financial goal by the offerings of those who were blessed by his sermons.  That night, as he prayed, the Lord spoke to him saying, “Give that money to George Muller’s orphanage.”  At first, Spurgeon didn’t want to do this, but he couldn’t shake the idea that God wanted him to part with the money he has raised for the homeless children in London.  He couldn’t rest until when he finally said, “Yes, Lord, I will.” The next morning he went to Muller’s orphanage and found Muller on his knees praying.  Spurgeon placed his hand on Muller’s shoulder and said, “George, God has told me to give you these 300 pounds I’ve collected.”  Muller stood with tears in his eyes and looked at Spurgeon.  “My dear brother,” said Muller, “I’ve just been asking Him for exactly that amount.”  They both wept and rejoiced together.  When Spurgeon returned to London, he found a letter on his desk containing double the amount he had given Muller.

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Dad was trying to raise his son properly.  “My boy,” he said, “I never kissed a girl until I met the one who was to become your mother.  Will you be able to say as much to your son?”  “Sure, Dad,” replied the son, “But I probably won’t be able to say it with such a straight face.”

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MATTHEW 13:45-46

A famous jewelry store had thousands of beautiful gems on display.  Some were reasonably priced and others were very expensive.  However, one stone in the store was more prized than all of the others.  It was a flawless pearl, so beautiful that it was displayed in its own specially designed case at the front of the store.  People from all over the world would travel to that jewelry store just to gaze upon this particular pearl’s amazing beauty.  People wondered about the pearl’s value, because there was no price tag visible.  Most people didn’t even bother to ask what the price was, but occasionally someone would ask.  The owner would answer, “It will cost you everything you own.”  Those who hoped to purchase the pearl went away disappointed.  The cost was simply too high.  One day a homeless man came into the store to escape the bad weather outside.  He noticed the pearl and was fascinated by it.  After several minutes, he asked the owner of the store how much it cost.  He received the same answer:  “It will cost you everything you own.”  The homeless man was shocked.  He continued gazing at the pearl and longed to have it.  Finally, he took off his overcoat, placed it in the shopping cart with his other possessions and offered all that he owned to the owner of the jewelry store.  “I’ll take it,” he announced.  Without the slightest hesitation, the jeweler unlocked the case and presented the magnificent pearl to its new owner.  Are you afraid to let go of everything you own to have the pearl of great price?  The pearl of great price comes with everything God owns.  God will provide you with much more than your needs.  Don’t make the mistake of valuing your possessions more than the kingdom of God.