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The Roadside Baptist Mission Church Choir

The newest addition to our Music Ministry. The late Sister Marie Nave had a vision of a choir at our church. She had such a vivid vision of this, that she and Brother Jack ordered and purchased songbooks for the choir to use. Sister Marie went to be with the Lord on December 4, 2006, before getting to realize her vision. This choir, though in its infancy, is being dedicated to the memory of Sister Marie. Baptist Choir - Surely Goodness And Mercy.wma Baptist Choir - Till The Storm Passes By.wma Congregation - I Never Shall Forget The Day.wma Baptist Choir - Heaven Came Down.wma Baptist Choir - Where Could I Go.wma

On March 30, 2008 the Roadside Baptist Mission Church Choir presented its Easter Contata, during the morning worship service. Baptist Choir Easter Contata.wma

On 02-17-08, Brother Ted Smith and his daughter Kasey blessed us with a rendition of I Saw The Light, in which Sister Kasey played the Harmonica. and Kasey Smith I Saw The Light.wma Kasey Smith - Break These Chains.wma Kasey Smith - Its Me Again Lord.wma Ted Smith - Almost Home.wma Ted Smith - Who Do You Think.wma Smith Lacey and Jordan - Angel Band.wma

A while back our Pastor was blessed with God giving him the words to a song in reference to how that our lives only begin when we give ourselves to Jesus Christ and receive salvation.

We've Only Just Begun

Music Ministry

We believe that music is an intricate part of every worship service. This page contains audio files of our own church musicians and singers and also selections from others who have worshipped with us. On The Firing Line - He'll Set Your Fields On Fire Medley.wma You Washed Ill Fly Away Medley2.mp3 Morning2.mp3 Master of The Sea2.mp3 on the Mountain2.mp3 I Crossed That River2.mp3 Will Roll You Over The Tide.mp3'll Hold To My Hand.mp3 Could I Go.mp3 a Closer Walk With Thee.mp3 Found Me.mp3 Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference.mp3 Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You.mp3 A Day That Will Be.mp3 We Could See Beyond Today.mp3 Over the Hilltop.mp3 Is Well With My Soul.mp3 Haven of Rest.mp3 Sun's Coming Up.mp3 Unseen.mp3 In the Arms of God.mp3 Am Blessed.mp3 That Isn't Love.mp3 Lord Take My Hand.mp3 Day I Will.mp3 Old Ship Of Zion.mp3 You Lord For Your Blessings On Me.mp3

Sister Rhonda Lovelace and her family have been worshipping with us for the past few months. Sister Rhonda has sang for us during worship services several times. Sister Rhonda is a huge blessing to us. Lovelace - Coming Soon.mp3 Lovelace-I've Never Been This Homesick Before.mp3 Lovelace - The Only True Peace.mp3 Lovelace - Consider The Lilies.wma Lovelace He Went a Little Farther for Me.wma Lovelace I Wonder How Mary Felt.wma Rhonda Lovelace - Lets Meet By The River.wma