Recent Prayer Requests

  • Health Issues

    Please keep my former pastor, from the Knoxville, TN area, Fletcher Bean in prayer. He has serious heart issues. His heart is out of rhythm and he has pneumonia. The Dr. is hope...


During a time such as our country is going through, there are many different views and opinions as to what is right and proper. No matter what each person's belief is, one thing is sure and steadfast, we must support and pray for our U.S. Military Personnel. This page is to pay a tribute to and serve as a reminder of our troops who are fighting on foreign soil. We will be listing military personnel by rank, first name, last name, unit and assignment location, for remembrance in prayer. If you have a military person who you   would like to have added to this list, please forward them via email and we will be glad to add them.


RANK             1st NAME                  LAST NAME                       UNIT                                   LOCATION



Please remember all of our troups in prayer as they stand in harms way for us.