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  • Health Issues

    Please keep my former pastor, from the Knoxville, TN area, Fletcher Bean in prayer. He has serious heart issues. His heart is out of rhythm and he has pneumonia. The Dr. is hope...

Unravel and Match

Unscramble the names of Bible characters and match them with their profession.

1)      Lhpipi                                                                    A) Fisherman

2)      Erpet                                                                     B) Evangilist

3)      Thwamet                                                               C) Tax collector

4)      Racods                                                                   D) Saleslady

5)      Msnio                                                                     E) Centurion

6)      Lapsuu                                                                   F) King

7)      Daily                                                                      G) Seamstress

8)      Qaluai                                                                    H) Tanner

9)      Lsieurcon                                                                I)  Deputy

10)  Rapgiap                                                                   J) Tentmaker