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Unravel and Match

Unscramble the names of Bible characters and match them with their profession.

1)      Lhpipi                                                                    A) Fisherman

2)      Erpet                                                                     B) Evangilist

3)      Thwamet                                                               C) Tax collector

4)      Racods                                                                   D) Saleslady

5)      Msnio                                                                     E) Centurion

6)      Lapsuu                                                                   F) King

7)      Daily                                                                      G) Seamstress

8)      Qaluai                                                                    H) Tanner

9)      Lsieurcon                                                                I)  Deputy

10)  Rapgiap                                                                   J) Tentmaker