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Easter Sunday 2008

This is a message delivered by Bro Jack as he was filling in for our Pastor, who was on vacation. Jack Nave 032308 Easter.wma

Bible Prophecy

We have been blessed with Bro. Jack Nave and his wife, Marie (now gone to be with the Lord), recently joining our church. Bro. Jack is an Ordained Minister and very knowledgeable Bible Teacher. Bro. Jack will be assisting with teaching and preaching duties at our church, as our Pastor is Bi-Vocational and has work conflicts from time to time. This page, of the website, will contain audio files of Bro. Jack's teaching of God's word. Jack Nave The 2 Resurrections Part 1.wma Jack Nave The 2 Resurrections Part 2.wma

On August 27, 2006, our Pastor was out due to work.Bro Jack started a series of teachings on the Bible's prophecy in reference to the end of time. Bro Jack continued it during the evening worship service and during this service our Pastor was impressed, by God, to ask bro. Jack to continue these teachings on Sunday nights, for as long as the Lord leads. Jack Nave Sunday School 082706.wma Jack Nave 082706.wma Jack Nave 090306.wma Jack Nave 100106.wma Jack Nave 100806.wma Jack Nave 101506.wma Jack Nave 102206 Prophecy.wma

Due to human Error, we did not get the first part of this teaching recorded. Jack Nave 110506 Prophecy.wma Jack Nave 111206 - Prophecy.wma Jack Nave - 111906 Prophecy.wma

On 010707, we were pleased to have Bro. Jack to continue his study on Bible Prophecy. Bro. Jack had taken leave from teaching during the illness and untimely passing of his wife Sister Marie. Jack Nave 010707 Prophecy.wma Jack Nave Prophecy 011407.wma Jack Nave 012107 Prophecy.wma Jack Nave 020407 Prophecy.wma Jack Nave 021107 Prophecy.wma Jack Nave 022507 Prophecy.wma Jack Nave 030407 Prophecy.wma Jack Nave 031107 Prophecy.wma Jack Nave 031807 Prophecy.wma Jack Nave 032507 Prophecy.wma Jack Nave Prophecy 040107.wma

Due to human error on my part, we did not get a recording of the Prophecy Teaching for 4-15-07 - Pastor Phil Lane. (For this I apologize) Jack Nave 042907 Prophecy.wma Jack Nave 052007 Prophecy.wma Jack Nave 052707 Prophecy.wma


This is a message that Brother Jack delivered as he was standing in for our Pastor on Sunday morning 09-24-06. Jack Nave - Leaven.wma

Message delivered by Bro Jack, while filling in for our Pastor on 10-15-06. Jack Nave Seek Ye First the Kingdom of Heaven.wma



This begins a series of teachings on the prophecy of Daniel and its relation to both present times and future times. Jack Nave - Daniel - 060307.wma Jack Nave 062407 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 070107 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 070807 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 071507 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 072907 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 080507 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 081207 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 081907 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 082607 - Daniel.wma Jack Nave 090207 - Daniel.wma

The teaching from Daniel on September 16, 2007 was with a doubt the most interesting and intriguing of Bro Jack's teachings to this point. Please pay special close attention and follow the scriptures along with Bro Jack. Time before the return of Christ is swiftly coming to an end. Jack Nave 091607 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 092307 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 093007 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 100707 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 101407 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 102107 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 102807 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 110407 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 111807 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 112507 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 120207 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 120907 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 123007 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 010608 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 011308 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 012008 Daniel.wma

Brother Jack filled in for Bro. Bob Lane during the Sunday School Hour this week. You can find his teaching, for this week, on the Sunday School page. Brother Jack started a lesson on Sunday morning and then he finished it on Sunday night. Jack Nave Daniel Recap 020308.wma Jack Nave 021008 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 022408 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 030208 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 030908 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 031608 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 033008 Daniel.wma Jack Nave 041308 Daniel.wma

The Message on 04-13-08, concluded the series by Brother Jack on Daniel. Please check back as Brother Jack begins a new series on The Mosaic and Levitical Law as it relates to the Grace Dispensation and as it relates to the Tribulation Period as well as the Millenial Kingdom.

The Law

On 04-20-08, Bro Jack Nave started a new series of teachings from the Old Testament. This series will deal with the Law of Moses given by God to His People, the Children of Israel. Jack Nave 042008 The Law.wma Jack Nave 050408 The Law.wma Jack Nave 052508 The Law.wma Jack Nave 060108 The Law.wma Jack Nave 060808 The Law.wma Jack Nave 062908 The Law.wma Jack Nave 070608 The Law.wma Jack Nave 071308 The Law.wma Jack Nave 072008 The Law.wma Jack Nave 072708 The Law.wma Jack Nave 080308 The Law.wma Jack Nave 081008 The Law.wma

Brother Jack took a break from his teachings on the law, to remind us all that Jesus is in fact returning to take the church home. Jack Nave 082408 A Reminder For Us All.wma Jack Nave 083108 The Law.wma Jack Nave 090708 The Law.wma Jack Nave 092108 The Law.wma Jack Nave 092808 The Law.wma Jack Nave 100508 The Law.wma Jack Nave 101208 The Law.wma Jack Nave 102608 The Law.wma Jack Nave 110908 The Law.wma

According to Brother Jack, this concludes his teachings on the Old Testiment and The Law. We appreciate Bro Jack for sharing his wealth of Bible knowledge with our church.

Bro Jack Nave - Messages

This paragraph will contain messages delivered by Bro Jack while filling in for our Pastor occasionally. Jack Nave 111608 Preaching of the Cross.wma Jack Nave 122108.wma