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Reply Ankita Agarwal
1:16 PM on August 25, 2014 
Truly a great work is here is a lot of information available I appreciate when I see well written material.
Reply dennis oden
5:35 AM on April 11, 2014 
Hello, my name is Dennis Oden. My wife rachel and I are on deputation for Darmstadt, Germany. God has placed a burden on our hearts for the wonderful people of this area. Not only will we be able to witness to the German people, but Darmstadt is also an International city. This broadens our ministry greatly. We have three children Israel, Laura, and Gabriel. We earnestly seek your church family to pray for us. Deputation can be a stressful time of gaining support and traveling with children. We would like to thank you for doing this, it means a great deal to our family. If at anytime you would like us to share our burden with your church family, we would be happy to do this. If you would like our package, including statement of faith please let us know. Our missions agency is Central Missionary Clearinghouse, Houston, Tx. If you would like more information or to be included on our prayer letter, please email us. We would be glad to add you, or you may follow us on Facebook-odenfamilyGermany. Thank You and God Bless.

Phone: 7314387314
Reply keijo
10:18 AM on January 11, 2012 
Let us reject that the world love and love more Jesus and the kingdom of God in the bible teachinfgin us and from us and be thelight in Christ and joy of the HOly Spirit with us more and more in amazing grace,thaks and bless,keijo sweden
Reply Gilbert Stone
2:38 PM on October 5, 2011 
New or Used Bibles Needed for the Poor! Demand

Great! Please Help!

There is a great demand for Bibles, new testaments,

Sunday School material, Bible dictionaries,

hymnals, gospel tracts, concordances, books from

christian authors, and other christian literature

(new or used) for the needy.

Prayers, postage, volunteer help and donations

makes a difference to. Any way you are your

educational facility can help make a difference is

greatly needed and appreciated.

Please visit OR

Be a part of translating the Bible into over 2,200

languages. visit

Whatever assistance is given isn't to small and is

wholeheartedly embraced.

Gilbert Stone, helping others through others!
Reply Phil
3:35 PM on September 13, 2011 
Please Pray my soulmate has already been prepared for me and I have already been prepared for my soulmate.Pray GOD unites me and my soulmate together real soon.Never been on a date or ever had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for this for at least 18 years...Prov 13:12 Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life... Please Pray GOD Blesses me so i can Bless others in every way every day of my life.Pray I can help people who are targeted by every kind of evil 100% of the time.Pray GOD Blesses me to be able to expose evil 100% of the time and evil will not be able to hide once exposed.Pray a hedge of protection around mind body and soul. Pray GOD overflows me with HIS Power,HOLY SPIRIT and Presence in my life. Pray the HOLY SPIRIT is so strong in my life that satan and his servents will flee with terror because GODS presence is so strong in my life. Pray my body would be a strong vessel for the HOLY SPIRIT. Pray GOD causes satan and those used by satan great confusion when they come against me with their evil plans and Pray GOD sends His angels to to fight along side me when is happens.Pray GOD cuffs me in His Hand when evil comes against me.Pray GOD raises me lightyears above satan and those used by satan to glorify GOD.Pray GOD watches over me at all times.Pray GOD takes away all my fear and increases my faith.Pray GOD heals my body completely.Pray all the people that have seen my Prayer Requests in past years will be reminded to Pray for my Prayer Requests again.Pray all the people who saw my Prayer Requests in the past years will have it put it in their hearts and minds to Pray for my past Prayer Requests again...In JESUS Name Amen...Thanks for your Prayers...
Reply samuel carter
11:01 PM on July 15, 2011 
Realy belief you love jesus.
Reply Keri Carter
10:26 PM on July 11, 2011 
Thank you so much for everything! You all were wonderful to me and to my family and will always hold a special place in our hearts!! God Bless you all!
Reply flaniaMeefite
4:09 PM on February 7, 2011 
hi everyone I am new here

I just found this forum from researching several keywords for my school project. I just wanted to say hello to everyone. Thanks!
Reply roadsidebaptist
9:01 AM on September 6, 2010 
In addition to English only comments, this is NOT an advertising website. Please refrain from posting advertisements for your business here. These type of comments will be deleted. Thank you.
Reply roadsidebaptist
11:43 AM on August 14, 2010 
Please only leave comments in English. Any comment placed in other language will regretfully be deleted. This is the only way that we can adequately monitor that all comments are site appropriate.

Thank you and God bless.